100% natural, handmade Waldorf Dolls - 100% naturliche, handgefertigte Waldorf Puppen - 100% natuurlijke, handgemaakte vrije school poppen
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A Little About Myself

my name is Olga, I'm a happy mother of 2 adorable girls and just as many other parents, whom I know personally or met through waldorf schools or dolls, I have found out about waldorf pedagogics thanks to my kids. I too fell in love with it and soon learned how to make waldorf dolls. It's now more than 10 years since I made my first doll Eva...


I always liked to draw, sew and knit, but I lacked 2 things in my life: first, a good attitude towards handmade things. In the beginning (this was still in the USSR, in Kazakhstan) handmade was the only thing there was and later, when the shelves were full but people had no money, handmade got a taste of poverty. And second, there was a total lack of good things to work with. When I was a child there were absolutely no qualitative materials for hand work.

Now happily I've got these 2 musts - plus 3 great fans of my work - that is my family!

Having become a mother I started again to think about the simplest things in life. Naturally I started thinking about what toys my children should play with... and what people they will become. It's when I started to connect these 2 things that it got interesting.

I just see the difference between a handmade thing, which carries warmth and positiveness of a person who made it, and an item from a conveyor. Nobody's looked at this item with special attention, love and affection which results in a cold industrial product, which is often cheap and soulless.

I always find it difficult to set a price for a doll. Of course you can simply count the cost of materials and hours spent on it, but these mathematics result in quite a sum, as I never save money on materials (and they are all natural!) and each classic doll takes about 50-60 hours of work! But I always think that my dolls are for kids, so the price shouldn't be an obstacle for a parent. And it brings me a great joy to know that my dolls have found a caring friend and are loved to play with. In the working process I often advise with my kids as they are good critics and always full of fresh ideas. I find it boring to simply repeat the same pattern all the time, so I constantly  try to make something that's a challenge and that's unique.




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Inspiration and Items


Some materials I get from:

Bastelladen Fricke, for all kinds of items and materials for artists.

WoolFinchStudio, for great woolen products.

Ida & Michel, for wonderful fabrics and service.