100% natural, handmade Waldorf Dolls - 100% naturliche, handgefertigte Waldorf Puppen - 100% natuurlijke, handgemaakte vrije school poppen
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Small/Medium Size Dolls

Hansel and Gretchen, small cuddle dolls

Hansel and Gretel are two knitted dolls, very soft to touch and at 7 inches long (18cm) they are ideal for cuddling, playing, or just to be taken along on a kid's adventures during the day. The dolls are filled with real sheep wool; the head a bit tighter, the body a bit less to keep it soft and nimble.

Gretel has long soft hair from alpaca wool. The hairs can be combed. She has an optional dress and cap to play with for kids a bit older. Gretel costs 35 euro without clothes and 49 euro with clothes.

Hansel has optional trousers - fine and practical from cooked wool fabric ) These clothes can all be put on and taken off easily. Without trousers Hansel costs 35 euro; with them: 43 euro.

The dolls are ready to ship. Shipping to North America takes 2-3 weeks on average; within Europe 1-2 weeks. Australia: 3 weeks.

You can purchase the dolls together or separately. There is also a witch if you like! ... and her house, handmade one of a kind from wood - in gingerbread and chocolate style!

I also work on order! Please ask me if you would dolls with changes of your choice.