100% natural, handmade Waldorf Dolls - 100% naturliche, handgefertigte Waldorf Puppen - 100% natuurlijke, handgemaakte vrije school poppen
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Large Dolls

Freddy, 40-45cm classic waldorf doll

Freddy is actually one of my first boy dolls, I have made quite some dolls like him in the meantime. As I wish, and think is right, every one of them is individual. They should be! Here below I show some examples of how they came out.

Basically, he is a boy doll, about 40-45cm large (16-18 inch), with short brown curls. His basic outfit is his noticably colorful sweater (from so called rainbow colored wool, which blends different colors and turns out different in everything you knit)and walk loden pants. As extra options he has a beanie and/ or underwear and socks. He is a bit of the classic quiet type, so he likes to have his sleeveless cotton shirt and boxers ... ).

Freddy's body is made from organic cotton trikot and he is tightly stuffed with real sheep wool. His hair is from curly wool: "wild mohair", boucle wool or something like this. Like all my dolls he is sewn very well and fit for intensive playing and to be carried around on all sorts of adventures.

Freddy costs 115 euro with his basic outfit (2 clothes items). Plus shipping. Shipping within Europe usually takes up to 2 weeks; to North America it usually takes 2-3 weeks. Australia: 3 weeks on average.

The "original" Freddy:



freddy-waldorf-doll-vrije_school-pop-puppen0_667An "Italian" Freddy:




A "French" Freddy: